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Awakened Ear
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Awakened Ear

re:Tomatis Method in combination with SI.

"Valerie Dejean could be the difference between Junior College and regular College for my son!
"...mother speaking of one of her other children.

Grounded in both the Human Potential Movement and Sensory Integration techniques in addition to Auditory Processing, Valerie Dejean has in the past treated children and youths for Dyslexia and SI issues.

In this way she met hundreds of families who had one child on the autistic spectrum.

What about your other children?

Sometimes Valerie would treat some of the siblings who might have minor attention deficit problems or motor planning problems, only to discover that the previously normal but underachieving child would make vast strides in dancing, acting music or sports after completing his treatment..

Moreover their grades improved. Unfortunately they did not stop sassing their parents. Sometimes they got even worse after they realized their newly found powers and found their voice..!

Where the goal for the more severe sibling was getting him out of special education  and into a normal class, the other normal sibling  was suddenly being recruited by college preparatory classes and performing arts teachers to be in the school drama or to play in intramural athletics..

Times change. Parents used to want their children to realize their higher human potential, whereas now they want their children to have the competitive edge!

This is probably analogous to the situation facing the parents themselves, (Ourselves). We were searching for meaningful work in times past whereas now we are merely hoping to  make the house payment!

At the moment, our society has lower expectations. All the same, Valerie Dejean's method will work for your child and possibly for you too. It's still not cheap. Seven thousand four hundred dollars for the first child but you can probably get a deal on additional family members if they do it at the same time.

“It’s easier for me now to understand what people are saying. I don’t have to ask them to repeat what they said, and I can remember better. My supervisor at work has noticed the difference in my ability to follow instructions. I’m concentrating better on my studies, and best of all—my grades are improving!”         Jason C., college student, age 19

“I was initially interested in Tomatis therapy because I was experiencing great difficulty in word retrieval. I just could not remember the word I needed to express myself. Therapy helped and an unexpected benefit was the ability to tap into a hidden reservoir of energy and I stopped yelling at cars in traffic!”    Susan F., office manager, age 45

“It’s easier for me to express myself and I’m staying on track with deadlines. Tomatis therapy has given me more confidence. I used to be shy! Anna W., college student, age 21

“Background noise doesn’t bother me any more and I’m a lot less irritable. I’m more aware of my errors in speech and correct myself if I use the wrong word. I feel so much more energetic!”
                                    Maria B., homemaker, age 38


Open a New Door to an Entirely New World—Tomatis therapy in combination with sensory integration.

The Tomatis Method of auditory stimulation is designed to re-awaken the ear's natural ability to listen and ultimately stimulate the brain’s desire to communicate. Dr. Alfred Tomatis, a French ear, nose and throat specialist,spent his career studying the ear-communication connection. His research is responsible for changing the common perception of the ear from passive   recipient of sound to the body’s sensory control center.

We at the Spectrum Center use Tomatis therapy in combination with sensoryintegration techniques pioneered by Dr. A. Jean Ayres, Ph.D., OTR. She was dedicated to providing services to those who would otherwise be lost in the education and health care systems. Dr. Ayres’resolute drive to improve the knowledge and application of sensory integration theory and principles through continuous research was founded on the desire to help those with learning disabilities. 

Put simply, sensory integration is the ability to take in, sort out and connect information from the world around us in an organized manner. The brain needs sensation, and without it, will create its own. With too much un-modulated sensory information a person can either become over-stimulated or so overwhelmed that he shuts down. Without adequate sensory integration we may not be able to participate effectively in daily life activities, such as work, school,  parenting, leisure and socializing. 

The combining of these techniques—Tomatis therapy and sensory integration—provides dramatic results for our clients. They have improved their public speaking, listening and communication skills, enhanced their vocal quality and they have overcome learning difficulties. 

valerie dejean
Human potential. The vision of Alfred Tomatis.

We conduct an initial assessment to determine if an individual is an appropriate candidate for Tomatis Method Therapy.

We Can Help People With:
 •          Auditory processing problems
•           Attention deficit disorders
•           Dyslexia and other learning disabilities
•           Inner ear disorders such as vertigo and Meniere’s Syndrome
•           Speech impediments, such as stuttering
•           Mood disorders, such as anxiety and depression
•           Space related phobias, such as agoraphobia, claustrophobia
           and fear of flying
•           Chronic Fatigue Syndrome



What are the Benefits? 

• Better memory, attention and concentration
•  Improved auditory discrimination and comprehension
• Improved organizational skills
• Better speech articulation
• Higher level reading and writing skills
• Better posture and balance
• Better foreign language acquisition skills
• Enhanced vocal quality and musical ability
• Sound sleep
• Improved energy and productivity




Improved coordination • increased attention span & concentration • improved memory
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"Tomatis has developed a neurophysiological theory and a psychosocial theory as a framework for his method of auditory stimulation…Experienced clinicians and educators…view it as a most efficient means of helping individuals improve areas of communication and learning weakness and of achieving personal growth and potential".
    Timothy M. Gilmor, Ph.D
From his presentation at the Ontario Psychological Association, February, 1982. Author of “About the Tomatis Method.”.

What We Do: Individualized Programs
An initial in-depth assessment is followed by a consultation to discuss results and recommendations. If a person is considered an appropriate candidate, an individualized program is designed. Treatment begins with a 15 day intensive (2 hours each day), followed by two 8 day intensives, with a 3 to 4 week period of integration between intensives. Clients listen to electronically filtered sounds of music and voice, which replicate the main phases of listening and communication development, while taking part in sensory integrative activities. Daily observations, weekly assessments, and counseling  are important parts of the program.